Arctic Tale back by popular demand


This week is the last week of library lessons for the school year. Many students really wanted to watch more of the video ‘Arctic Tale’ on which the two books of the same title are based.

What is more astonishing though is the story behind the making of the movie.  It took cinematographers Adam Ravetch and Sarah Robertson more than 15 years to film, and 4 years to find their first walrus! What a story of determination and patience!  Grade 1-5 classes got to see this remarkable documentary during library lesson this week.  Click on the picture to see the first 3 min of what is shown in that 20 min segment:



Arctic Tale


This week library classes will read the short version of the book Arctic Tale published in 2007 by National Geographic Kids.  This book and the extended version (both of which we have in the elementary library) is based on the documentary movie by the same name.

The main characters in the movie, Nanu, a polar bear cub, and Seela, a walrus calf, are realistic fictionalized characters based on film footage of real polar bears and walruses.  This endearing story shows the life cycle of these special animals.

We will watch a section of the movie in class, but you can see the trailer here: