Thank you Mr Mercer!


We’ve learned so much this week from author, Mr Graham Mercer.  Mr Mercer is the author of many non-fiction books about Tanzania and he explained to us about the writing and publishing process. We now understand how much work goes into producing each book we read! He also explained how many people are involved and how it takes a lot of time to produce each book on our library shelves – and we have 20,000 books just here at the elementary library!

We were also very impressed when Mr Mercer could draw elephants, lions and sharks on our library bags when he signed his name.  One student was particularly impressed with his butterflies, “Mr Mercer you are a very good author, you can draw butterflies!”


Thank you Mr John Kilaka!


This week we were privileged to have Mr John Kilaka tell us stories in library class. He told us about his new story, soon to be published, called “The Good Smell” and showed us his pen and ink drawings for the book. He also brought in a canvas he had painted and told us the story of a hunter. This story will be made into a book of short stories based on his paintings. Some grade 5 students acted out their version of his story “The Good Smell” during Friday’s assembly. It was an excellent production that showcased some very talented grade 5 actors! We also really liked Mr Kilaka signing our library bags with his fun cartoon animals.

It was so good to have Mr Kilaka come to visit us again and we look forward to having him visit us again next year!

Mr John Kilaka to visit IST next week!


We are privileged to have Tanzanian author, artist and storyteller, John Kilaka, visit our school next week (Monday January 31- Friday February 4).  Mr Kilaka will share his new stories with each library class during our special library week.  Perhaps he will also sign our library bags with his clever cartoon drawings, like he did last year.

Several Grade 5 students will present their version of Mr Kilaka’s new story, “Good Smell,” as a play during the assembly on Friday 4 February.  Grade 2-5 students and parents are welcome to attend.

For more information about Mr Kilaka, please visit his website at

See you in the library!

Sue Toms

Elementary Librarian