A bag in the wind


The art department has inspired us to recycle our rubbish, and to even make it into beautiful works of art! This week Grade 1 -5 classes have read the book Bag in the Wind by Ted Kooser about the journey of a plastic bag. EC and KG classes enjoyed a Charlie and Lola book We are extremely very good recyclers by Lauren Child. We’ve agreed that if we see a plastic bottle lying around school we will put it in the Green Team’s recycling crate and if we find rubbish anywhere we will put it in the blue bins.

We also then looked at the astonishing facts in Human Footprint by Ellen Kirk. This books shows us all the things we will consume in our lifetimes!

For a very clever “mockumentary” about the danger plastic is doing to our planet, you might like to watch this video:




This week we have decorated our “T-reecyle” with recycled decorations and watched the inspiring story of the Langs in California who make art from beach plastic. You can watch the video below.

We’ve also loaned out many books this week about making crafts from recycled materials, including What can you do with an old red shoe? by Anna Alter.

And talking of innovations, we had to also learn about Theo Jansen, who is a kinetic sculptor: