Grade 1 Text Connections


Hello Grade 1!

Try this game and see what you know about text connections!


Reading aloud


Coming into the library after a couple of months away, the first impression is of how much IST kids love to read and listen to stories.  They come in before and after school to change books, come in during recess to sit and read quietly, and listen raptly to stories during their regular library times.  Ms. Stella and I, like teacher-librarians all over the world, started off the year with stories about starting school, about coming to the library, and about taking care of books.  It never fails – kids love listening to books.  This video helped me remember why.  It starts with the reminder that oral language comes before written language.  At any age, kids are learning by listening.  They’re often taking in new concepts, new language, and making new meaning orally, before they could manage to do so through print.  The video ends with a plug for audio books, and with an offer for a free trial for children’s audio books which work on iPods and iPads.  Go straight here for the site:  And click on ‘Library Catalog’ to see the titles.  I’m Karen Choan, the new teacher-librarian, and it’s nice to be here.