Grade 3 and 4s: Finding poetry online


Hello Grade 3’s & 4’s!

I understand you’re looking for poetry!

International Children’s Digital Library has books in all kinds of languages.  Click here to search for poetry.  Then try finding poetry in another language!

Use Storynory to read and listen to poems.  Click here.  (Go borrow some headphones if you’re listening in the library.)

Giggle Poetry is here.

There are some classic poems here.

The poems here are organized by type … animal poems, funny poems, sad poems, etc.

Author Kenn Nesbitt’s newest poems are here.

Shel Silverstein poems are here.

And here, to start you off, is a performance of a Roald Dahl poem (go borrow some headphones if you’re listening in the library):

Do you agree?  Enjoy and explore —

: )) Ms. Karen


Rebus rhymes and more “I Spy”


We’ve had a lot of fun singing rebus rhymes with EC and KG classes this week.  Rhymes such as “5 Little Ducks”, “BINGO”, “The Ants Go Marching” and many more can be found on the Enchanted Learning website.

Also, here are a two more examples of the “I spy in the library” poems that Grades 1-3 created:

I spy in the library by 3McA:

I spy a book with a fat polar bear, lions and books on shelves everywhere

Two boys with very cool hair

Seven puppets over there, trying to share a book  with a bear

Hanging on the shelves with little poppy hair

I spy in the library by 3McK:

I spy a bird, some books, and three tinga tinga pictures,

A globe, a lion, and a mixture of fixtures

I spy colorful library bags, with lovely books inside

Children reading with rain outside

Dr Seuss- Oh the places you’ll go!


We’ve been looking at poetry this month, and most of us love rhyming poems. So this week we had to talk about the master of rhyme, Dr Seuss. Many of us learn about Dr Seuss stories when we are in Grade 1, but then forget about them!

So this week Grade 4 & 5 classes read Oh, the places you’ll go. We also watched a documentary about Theodore Geisel, his childhood and how he came to write children’s stories under the name of Dr Seuss. You can watch that video here:

Add a poem to our “Poetree”!


This month is poetry month at IST Elementary library and we have our own “poetree” outside the library. Students are encouraged to write their favourite poem, or one they have written themselves, on a blue card and tie it to the tree for others to read.
The grade 1-3 classes are also trying to write their own I Spy in the Library poems based on Jean Marzollo’s I Spy books. Here are some samples:

I spy in the library by 1C:

I spy a human, TV, and a cushion,

Teachers walking in slow motion,

A polar bear, on the book, over there

Kids, with different type of hair.

I Spy in the Library by 3N:

I spy a hook, and a diorama desert,

A puppet, a lion and even a wizard;

A kangaroo, lots of puppets,

Junk monsters and on the floor, carpets.

They are quite hard to write, we’ve discovered!  Thanks to Ms Stella for helping Grade 1-3 classes do these.  I’ll post some more of them tomorrow.

April is poetry month!


April is poetry month in the US and we are celebrating it here too at the Elementary library. This week our classes have been looking at poems that tell stories, such as Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, Brave Boy Rap by Tony Mitton and Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Roald Dahl. These poems are from the book Once Upon a Poem. EC – Grade 1 classes have read the Tony Mitton book Super Submarines which gives factual information about submarines cleverly written with rhyming text. Grade 2-5 classes also got to watch clips from the movie that was made about the poem The Man From Snowy River by A. B. “Banjo” Paterson. You can watch it here: