The jetman


Following on from last week, when we read the heroic story of Wangari Maathai, this week most grade 3-5 classes have looked at another brave person, Yves Rossy. We watched the following amazing video from but also looked at the September 2011 issue of National Geographic magazine with a cover picture of Yves Rossy.

We also reminded everyone that they are welcome to borrow the many magazines we have in the elementary library.


Arctic Tale


This week library classes will read the short version of the book Arctic Tale published in 2007 by National Geographic Kids.  This book and the extended version (both of which we have in the elementary library) is based on the documentary movie by the same name.

The main characters in the movie, Nanu, a polar bear cub, and Seela, a walrus calf, are realistic fictionalized characters based on film footage of real polar bears and walruses.  This endearing story shows the life cycle of these special animals.

We will watch a section of the movie in class, but you can see the trailer here:

Face to Face with Elephants


By the same authors as Face to face with Lions, this week we looked at Face to Face with Elephants. This non-fiction book by Dereck and Beverly Joubert gives an exciting account of their experiences with elephants during their 25 years in Botswana.

We also watched a video about training African elephants in South Africa.  We learned that elephants have a sense of smell 28,000 times better than humans and about 14 times better than a dog! Elephants’ memory improves with age, unlike humans. We have a lot more understanding and respect for these beautiful creatures.

The Elementary library has National Geographic Face to Face books by various authors on the following additional topics: Wolves, Dolphins, Whales, Cheetahs, Sharks, Polar Bears, Caterpillars, Grizzlies and Frogs.

See you in the library!

Sue Toms, Elementary Teacher Librarian