Record number of books borrowed at IST Elementary!


An astonishing 70,000+ books have been loaned from the Elementary library this school year! Thank you to Ruth, Edith and Stella for all that scanning! Last year we loaned out 62,000 and the year before it was less than 20,000. Just shows our increased reading enthusiasm at IST Elementary – well done!

It’s that time of the year again when all books are due back  to the Elementary Library by Friday 3rd June, so that we can start the stock-take of our 20,000+ books during the last week of school.  Due to stock-take and annual leave of library staff, the IST Elementary library will be closed from June 6 until July 11 during the summer holidays.

The good news is that we will soon have a large shipment of new books arrive that we can read next school year!


Are you happy with the choice of library books your children are bringing home?


Elementary students are allowed to borrow up to 10 books at a time from the elementary library.  I recommend that students choose 4 or 5 during their weekly library lesson and I encourage parents to come with their children before or after school to choose the remainder.

It is very valuable for parents to show an interest in their children’s reading by regularly coming to the library with their children. Coming to the library yourself also means that you get to choose the books that you read aloud to your children and you can share with them your childhood favorites.

The elementary library has over 20,000 books so if the ones you are seeing come home in library bags are not what you would choose, please come to the library yourself.  Please feel free to ask for help if you need some ideas about the next good book for your children.

We encourage students to borrow enough books for one week and to return their library books at their weekly library lesson. However if you are still reading a book, please let us know and we will renew it for you. Students can also borrow and return books before and after school and during first and second break each day.

We are averaging more than 800 loans each day at the elementary library, and with a student body of approximately 500 that gives some indication of the reading enthusiasm of IST students!

See you in the library!

Sue Toms, Elementary Teacher Librarian