Non-fiction stories can be very exciting!


Last week we really enjoyed learning how Mr Graham Mercer writes non-fiction books. This week we learned how exciting non-fiction can be! We have many National Geographic “Face to Face” books in the elementary library and this week we’ve been reading Face to face with lions by Beverly and Dereck Joubert.

The Jouberts have lived in Botswana for over 25 years filming and photographing wildlife. They have recently released a movie called The Last Lions that tells an exciting story of a lioness caring for her cubs. We watched the trailer for this film in class and you can watch it here:

We then watched one of the most popular videos on youtube called “Battle at Kruger” about the amazing experience of a buffalo calf that was fought over by lions, a crocodile and then survived to be protected by its herd. ┬áIt’s incredible that this amateur video has been watched nearly 60 million times! You can watch it here: