The giraffe who was afraid of heights


This week EC-Gr 2 classes read the amusing and meaningful book The giraffe who was afraid of heights by David A. Ufer and illustrated by Kirsten Carlson. This entertaining book shows us that sometimes it helps to have a friend to help us overcome our fears.

You can see a preview of the book and some activities related to the book at the publisher’s website.

We also watched an interesting short video about Giraffe Manor in Nairobi and you can watch it here:




In this week’s library classes Grade 3-5 have shared the amazing story Chee-Lin: A giraffe’s journey by James Rumford. It was interesting to learn about Chinese exploration before the time of Christopher Columbus. It was also incredible to think that giraffes and other animals were taken from the wild in East Africa and transported all the way to India and China. We were feeling for the poor animals, far away from their family and home!

We were also talking about how giraffes communicate in sounds that we can’t hear, and you can learn more about that from this video: