Grade 1-5 have really enjoyed the story of Hachiko written by Pamela S. Turner and cleverly illustrated by Yan Nascimbene. This true story of a loyal Akito dog, set in Japan in the 1930s, touched our hearts and made us remember how important it is to always remember our friends.

There is a movie version of this story, set in America, and you can watch the trailer here:


How to talk to your cat


For some classes this week and last, we read another Jean Craighead George book, How to talk to your cat.  She has also written How to talk to your dog. We were fascinated to find out how much cats and dogs communicate non-verbally, as well as making sounds we can hear. There is a delightful video on youtube showing two cats “chatting” to each other, so of course we had to watch that too! You can watch it here:

How to talk to your dog is also very worthwhile if you are a dog lover.

I think it is important to remember that even though animals don’t speak our languages, they are still communicating with each other and with us.