Face to Face with Elephants


By the same authors as Face to face with Lions, this week we looked at Face to Face with Elephants. This non-fiction book by Dereck and Beverly Joubert gives an exciting account of their experiences with elephants during their 25 years in Botswana.

We also watched a video about training African elephants in South Africa. ¬†We learned that elephants have a sense of smell 28,000 times better than humans and about 14 times better than a dog! Elephants’ memory improves with age, unlike humans. We have a lot more understanding and respect for these beautiful creatures.

The Elementary library has National Geographic Face to Face books by various authors on the following additional topics: Wolves, Dolphins, Whales, Cheetahs, Sharks, Polar Bears, Caterpillars, Grizzlies and Frogs.

See you in the library!

Sue Toms, Elementary Teacher Librarian