Michael Jordan


The book of this week is the inspiring story of the early life of basketball superstar Michael Jordan.  Salt in his shoes, written by his mother and his sister, is about Michael’s early determination to be the best basketball player he could be. He also wanted to be taller, so his mother suggested that they put salt in his shoes. This obviously didn’t work, but his practice, patience and positive will made him into what is still recognised as one of the best basketballers ever. To understand why, we watched a video of some of his slam dunks, and you can watch it here:


The boy who dreamed of cars


Honda: the boy who dreamed of cars by Mark Weston is the inspiring true story of Soichiro Honda who started the Honda Motor Company.  When he was seven years old, Honda saw a car for the first time.  He determined then that he would learn how cars worked and would build them in the future.  His lifelong perseverance and commitment to making his dream come true is a great example for all of us.

We even watched a Honda advertisement in some of the library classes!  IST is not promoting the purchase of Honda products, but this commercial does help us understand how one man’s determination and dream affected so many of the things we take for granted today:

The IST elementary library has many other excellent biographies and autobiographies.  Please see me if you need some ideas for what to read next.

Sue Toms

Elementary teacher librarian

Learning about Wangari Maathai


We have a very tall tree in the library this week! It will be planted in the school grounds to honor Wangari Maathai, the first African woman, and first environmentalist, to win the Nobel Peace Prize. We have read books about her this week in library classes. For younger readers Wangari’s Trees of Peace by Jeanette Winter gives a short version of her work. For a slightly longer version in picture book format we read Planting the Trees of Kenya by Claire A. Nivola. Interested older readers might like to read Wangari Maathai’s autobiography, Unbowed.  All of these books are available in the IST Elementary Library.

Dr Maathai’s life is an inspiring story of courage and determination. As she says, “Remember what millions of hands can do.” It’s been over thirty years since Wangari started the Green Belt Movement and in that time there has been over thirty million trees planted in Kenya!

For more information about her life you might like to watch the following video: