Dolphins on the sand


This short school week we’ve read Dolphins on the Sand , another Jim Arnosky book. This beautifully illustrated book tells an idealized account of the rescue of stranded dolphins that the author and his wife witnessed.

We then watched a video of what happened at a beach in Brazil last week, where some dolphins came in and beached themselves. It seems that scientists are not sure why dolphins do this sometimes. It was remarkable to see a video about such a rare event! You can watch it below.


EC and KG learn about frogs and chameleons


These past two weeks the EC and KG classes have read two wonderful books by Joy Cowley and Nic Bishop: The Red-Eyed Tree Frog and Chameleon, Chameleon.  These beautiful books are so interesting!  We colored a picture of a red-eyed tree frog. We also watched a very entertaining video showing one red-eyed tree frog trying to climb over another.  We had to watch it over and over because we thought it was so funny!  

You can watch the video clip on Google Video by clicking on the picture below:

After we read about chameleons we watched an interesting video about baby chameleons from National Geographic.  Contrary to popular belief, chameleons don’t change color as camouflage, but in response to temperature, light and mood! We had fun coloring a picture of what we thought would be a happy chameleon!

Winter the dolphin


This week we’ve learned about an inspiring true story of Winter, the dolphin who lost her tail when she was caught in a rope attached to a crab trap.  We learned about how some very clever people made a prosthetic tail for her and she learned to swim again like a dolphin, not a fish!  We also watched some interesting videos about her, including one about a lady called Maja from Bosnia.  She lost her leg in a war and it’s incredible watching her swim with Winter at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida:

Christian The Lion


Many library lessons this past week have looked at the fascinating book Christian the Lion based on the best-selling true story by Anthony (Ace) Bourke and John Rendall.

Take a moment to watch this awe-inspiring video clip showing the two friends re-uniting with Christian after he was set free in Kenya.