Grade 1 Text Connections


Hello Grade 1!

Try this game and see what you know about text connections!


Grade 5 – Show me your Trash & Treasure!!


Your team will go to these 5 pages about unusual animals:

the Burmese mountain dog

the manaphin

the tree octopus

the tree kangaroo

the goblin shark

You’ll come back to the pillows in just 10 minutes ready to tell us about each creature’s habitat.  Be detailed!




Grade 2 – Where we are in place and time: SPACE!!


Grade 2 classes have been hearing stories about the moon and its phases

Microsoft Word - Document5

Grade 2:  Here is the Phases of the Moon music video

Here is the Phases of the Moon game

Library News ….


Library News ....

Grade 3 and 4s: Finding poetry online


Hello Grade 3’s & 4’s!

I understand you’re looking for poetry!

International Children’s Digital Library has books in all kinds of languages.  Click here to search for poetry.  Then try finding poetry in another language!

Use Storynory to read and listen to poems.  Click here.  (Go borrow some headphones if you’re listening in the library.)

Giggle Poetry is here.

There are some classic poems here.

The poems here are organized by type … animal poems, funny poems, sad poems, etc.

Author Kenn Nesbitt’s newest poems are here.

Shel Silverstein poems are here.

And here, to start you off, is a performance of a Roald Dahl poem (go borrow some headphones if you’re listening in the library):

Do you agree?  Enjoy and explore —

: )) Ms. Karen

Primary or Secondary Source?


Hello Grade 5’s!

Click on the link below and open the power point.

Use it to learn about how primary and secondary sources are different.  Fill out your check-list as you go.

(Can you add some resources I didn’t think of?)