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Finding more than books on OLIVER


Try a search for symmetry on the library catalog (OLIVER) and you’ll find a book on snowflakes, and a link to a website on which you can make your own symmetrical snowflake. Did you know that OLIVER includes educational websites on all kinds of subjects? Just a click away. If you see the world icon, it leads to a website:

If you see a book icon, the entry leads to a book:

Try it!!!

To connect to classroom activities in math and symmetry, Kindergarteners in the library this week heard a story about snow, Snow on Snow on Snow by Cheryl Chapman; saw photos of snowflakes in the book The Story of Snow by Mark Cassino; and built their own snowflakes here

Do your own OLIVER search here.  OLIVER can be found on the Quick Links on IST’s homepage.

ECers are pizzas


Roll them and stretch them ….

EC classes heard Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig this week, about a boy who’s inside on a rainy day, and wants to go out to play.  Pete’s parents cheer him up by making him into a pizza.  They roll him, and stretch him, and throw him in the air.  They add flour, tomatoes and cheese, put him in the oven, and bring him to the table.  Our ECers giggled and laughed as they all got rolled and stretched during a retell of the story.  And, like Pete, when it was time to be sliced, they ran away and got captured and hugged ….  then, as Pete went outside to look for his friends at the end of the story, ECers got up to look for their books.  William Steig has many favorite titles in the library, including the original Shrek.

Pop up books and paper engineering


As this is our last week of the school year (and my last post to this blog before I move to BIFS), we have started the inventory of all our library books. As such the library is closed to library lessons, but Ms Stella and I have ‘taken the show on the road’ with our own ‘biblioburro’! We’ve put our new pop-up books in a luggage trolley and we’re visiting classes with these marvels of paper engineering.

One Red Dot by David A. Carter is an amazing example of the wonder of paper engineered books. We learned to take care of these very fragile books and made some of our own pop ups. An excellent site for ideas is Robert Sabuda’s website.

Peter Dahmen gives an inspiring tutorial of how to make another pop up from this template and you can watch it here:

Making our own books


As this is the week to return library books, so that the library staff can start the inventory next week, we were very sad that we couldn’t borrow books. However, after reading Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk we’ve decided to make our own books and hopefully write our own stories in the holidays.

Also, we have just received our yearly shipment of new books and we have so much cardboard and packing paper that we found ways to recycle this into fantastic hand made books. For inspiration about how to make your own books, watch this video:

The golden rule


The Grade 5s are currently studying “I Believe, You Believe” and there has been much discussion in classes about similarities of different religions. The grade 5s have shared the very meaningful book The golden rule by Ilene Cooper and illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska. We learned how the golden rule of being considerate of others is taught in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and the Shawnee Tribe of North America.

We also watched the “Charter for Compassion” based on the golden rule and you can watch it here:

The giraffe who was afraid of heights


This week EC-Gr 2 classes read the amusing and meaningful book The giraffe who was afraid of heights by David A. Ufer and illustrated by Kirsten Carlson. This entertaining book shows us that sometimes it helps to have a friend to help us overcome our fears.

You can see a preview of the book and some activities related to the book at the publisher’s website.

We also watched an interesting short video about Giraffe Manor in Nairobi and you can watch it here: